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    Damn!! Even Drake Doesn’t Want To Fuck To Michael Jackson

    Drake has been influential in the world of entertainment. As a result, the better part of the last decade, he has built an amazing catalog.

    Aubrey has single-handedly taken over the rap game since his debut under Young Money. The young money rapper/vocalist has managed to win the hearts of fans. Drake is one of the biggest commercial stars to ever take center stage. Recently the untouchable Drake showed that people’s opinion can even make a difference in how he performs.

    Drake Michael Jackson Documentary

    Last week cable network HBO released a documentary entitled “Leaving Neverland”.  Above all, the documentary surely reawakened plenty of speculations surroundings in the late performer. First of all, Jackson died nearly ten years ago, with tons of rumors regarding his legacy in question. It has been reported that Michal Jackson’s music is to be blackballed by select radio stations. It was taken to another level when The Simpsons are fucking with Michael Jackson now.

    The sensitive topic of Michael Jackson has now interferred with Drak’e performance. Overall, most recently Drake decided to remove the King Of Pop’s solo on the Scorpion single ” Don’t matter to me”.  Furthermore, he performed the song during his 2018 tour with Migos. In most cases it seems like Aubrey didn’t have much of a choice. A few weeks ago Michael Jackson’s former maid claimed he was a sick fuck. Directly after the second part of the documentary aired Oprah Winfrey pissed off Michael Jackson fans with a new interview.

    Did Drake do the right thing by removing Michael Jackson from the song? Will everyone follow suit? What will happen because of Drake Michael Jackson documentary? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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