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    Drake Is Offending Women Right & Left

    When it comes to the Certified Lover Boy Drake, he humbles himself as quite a feminist. Though, as of late, the Toronto rapper has pissed off quite a few female personalities in the last few weeks. He’s dissed everyone from Megan Thee Stallion to even his protégé Ice Spice. Once beloved by throws of women, Drake has become the enemy. His and 21 Savage’s recent album Her Loss has especially been deemed offensive to Moroccan women.

                Drake Offends Moroccan Women

    via Byrdie

    Drake and 21 Savage’s 16-track album Her Loss achieved major success this week. Despite the accomplishment though, the album has also received tons of backlash from the public. In particular, Moroccan social media users have described the album as offensive and sexually degrading towards their women. Some even argued that their new record is racist.

    Specifically, users took issue with the song “Jumbotron S*** Poppin’” where Drake uses the most offensive language toward Moroccan women and their customs. “Thick Moroccan b*****, this my fav’, I’ma go on and beat it. (…) Send a girl home, call another, dawg, I’m too slime.”

    Making matters worse, Moroccan internet users accused the rapper of Islamophobia; given that his song discusses Moroccan women’s refusal to engage in intercourse based on their religion. Not only has the rapper received major backlash, but several social media users have threatened to sue Drake over the album. Clearly, Drake has a lot of apologizing to do in the next few months.

                He’s Offended Women Before

    via Morocco World News

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the rapper has come under fire for using offensive language towards women. Furthermore, Drake has previously used sexually explicit language toward women in several of his songs.

    Though, several rappers before the Toronto rapper have been accused of the very same thing. Rap music by nature is unapologetic and often degrading towards women. Perhaps Drake’s latest controversy comes as a sign of the changing times, where women are using their voice more to call attention to issues such as these. Obviously, rap music needs to change.

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