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    Drake Has A Clone Walking Amongst Us

    There’s always that one ordinary Joe that has the opportunity of a lifetime to work as a doppelganger of a famous celebrity. For instance, tons of people have made a living off dressing like stars such as Lindsey Lohan , Rihanna and even Ariana Grande. Now Drake has a doppelganger as well. The look-a-like celebrity has been spotted hanging out in clubs all throughout Miami, taking photos with fans and partying it up. Looks like the guy is having the time of his life being Drake’s clone.

                    Drake’s Clone Loves To Party Hard

    via iHeartRadio

    Currently, Drake has spent the last few hours in Los Angeles dressed as a cowboy for his 35th birthday. Simultaneously, he’s having the time of his life in Miami. That scenario might confuse fans, leaving them to wonder how one person can be in two places at one time. Clearly, it’s impossible. Turns out our favorite Certified Lover Boy has a clone that’s been parading around southern Florida with his likeness and name.

    No one knows the identity of Drake’s mysterious doppelganger but people sure love to point him out. R&B singer Tory Lanez has reported several sightings of Drake’s clone at a slew of clubs in Miami. Soon after, several people made similar claims of seeing the doppelganger hanging around certain clubs in Miami, like the STORY Nightclub in South Beach. Even Akademiks took to his Instagram, to post video footage of Drake’s clone partying it up at Club LIV. Clearly, this guy is making a killing off of Drake’s celebrity.

                     The Doppelganger Steals The Show

    via NME

    Not only does Drake’s doppelganger bear a resemblance to him, but he’s garnishing way more attention than Drizzy. Apparently, being a celebrity look-a-like doesn’t consist of having any real talent. It’s unclear whether or not the clone can rap like the Toronto rapper himself. Though, fans seem convinced that his appearance alone makes him worthy of fame. Tons of fans took to social media to leave comments.

    One stated’ “Fake Drake been more active the whole weekend in Miami.”

    The comment seems to suggest that Drake hasn’t been spending loads of time with his fans lately. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on how the 6 God emcee feels about having a clone.

    What do you guys think about Drake’s clone? Leave your comments below!



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