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Drake Has 5K On It!!

Drake Has 5K On It

The emcee that lives on the top of the charts isn’t playing when it comes to his money!

Drake is currently on his “Aubrey & The Three Migos” tour which features Migos. The tour is seen as one of the biggest ones for the year, opening up a market for bootleggers to create an opportunity to make heavy cash. Bootleggers are usually posted up outside of the venue selling unauthorized merchandise to make a quick buck, but Aubrey has other plans.

Anyone caught selling unauthorized merchandise will be having to foot a bill for there actions. Drake along with Live Nation look to put an end to hustlers looking to make a quick book with some legal ramifications. A judge has signed off on a motion that allows police to confiscate unauthorized merchandise outside of the concert venues throughout the tour.  Along with confiscation, the bootlegger will be forced to pay a $5,000 bond. If Drake has ever taught us one thing, it was not to get on Drake’s bad side when it comes to business. Unless you’re Diddy that is!!

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