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    Drake And Draymond Green Fight For Savage King Title

    Drake is seen as soft and kind. However, the Canadian native surely with the foolery and savagery leading into the Summer.

    It’s no secret that Drake tends to get into a beef with some of the biggest stars in the world of entertainment. From Kanye West, Jay-Z, Pusha-T, to Meek Mills, Drake is always in the midst of drama. Recently over the last three years, Drake has become an ambassador for the NBA Toronto Raptors. With that position, Drake has every reason to be a social media troll against some of the NBA’s top stars.

    Drake Draymond Savate King

    Just last year the rapper got into a verbal altercation former NBA star Kendrick Perkins. The heated exchange leads to both individuals having to be separated. Drake is seen as a ladies man, however, the rapper has no problem suiting up for war when his manhood is disrespected. If you know Drake, he is one that is for the fun and games that involve plenty of drama. In this year’s finals, the Raptors are making their first appearance, and it seems like Drake is hellbent on Toronto getting the upper hand mentally. If the Golden State Warriors win in this year’s finals, they will have completed a three-peat. The last team that was able to do so, was the Lakers with Kobe & Shaq.

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    Following the warriors game 1 loss, Power Forward Draymond Green got into a verbal altercation with Drake. It instantly sparked a beef that we knew was bound to happen. Drake seems to have taken things to another level with following Draymond’s finance on social media. We know that Draymond or Drake doesn’t have any plans on backing down with plenty of trash talking to be said in the upcoming games. Draymond is known for fighting dirty especially in the playoffs. Who will end up winning the crown for Savage King?

    In conclusion, do you think that the Drake Draymond Savage King race will end well? Are the two real friends? Will the Raptors win their first NBA title? Can the Warriors win without Kevin Durant? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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