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    Drake Balls Deeps In J-lo Again?? The Aged Vagina!!

    Let’s face it, the streaming king can just about have whoever he wants.

    Regardless of what industry you’re in, if Aubrey wants you then he can have you. That’s unless you’re Meghan The Stallion, then that’s a different story. The Canadian rapper continues to break just about every possible record in the music industry. Now after celebrating an NBA championship in Toronto, Drizzy is ready to shoot his own shot. Our only question is Drake balls deep in J-Lo again? We wouldn’t be surprised if the Drake-Jlo passion starts back up.

    Drake Balls Deep In J-lo

    Just a couple of years ago Jennifer Lopez and Drake were an item. It wasn’t long before the two ended up calling it quits. Plenty of people speculate that it was Lopez who dropped the hammer on the relationship. Allegedly Drake was caught backstage during Jennifer’s concert in Toronto. It seems as though Drake is surely missing his ex-boo. Despite it possibly being a romantic gesture, Aubrey has dated plenty of celebrities. From Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, athletes, and even knocking up a well-known porn star.

    Overall it seems as though women are Drake‘s weakness. The rapper is very transparent in his music regarding his love for women in general. At the moment Jlo is engaged to her on and off again boyfriend Aaron Rodriguez. He basically waited 20 years for the pussy.

    In conclusion, do you really think Drake balls deep in J-lo will happen again? Will she stay with A-Rod? Who else is Aubrey currently messing with? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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