Drake & Justin Bieber Perform Oral Sex In New Painting Series

Drake Justin Bieber Perform Oral Sex

Ladies, don’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about Drake or Justin Bieber going downtown for a meal with you? Or maybe Ryan Gosling is more your man? Well daydream no longer, because while this fantasy is still nowhere near a reality, it has been committed to a visual medium thanks to artist Alexandra Rubinstein.

The Russian born, U.S.-based artist’s “A Dream Come True” series aims to present a female perspective of sex, which is largely underrepresented in mainstream media and pornography. By depicting these (mostly hypermasculine) celebrities performing oral sex from a women’s POV, the men are eroticized in a way that is usually reserved for women.

Now the biggest question lies not in who is meant to be in slide 4 (we think Robert Pattinson, in part because of the painting’s title “Bloodhound”. Geddit?) but why the women look like Barbie dolls. It’s one thing to censor an artwork for the purpose of an age-restricted audience, but to censor a work intended for adults and which was seemingly created for the purpose of liberating women by showing such an oft-censored act kind of misses the point.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to see depictions of men going south with the mouth, even if it is in a quasi-dreamlike scenario where body parts aren’t fully formed, but the kind of attention to detail that was given to Leo’s baby blues wouldn’t be amiss on a woman’s labia. For reality’s sake ya’know? But with such great names as “What’s Gilbert Grape Eating?” and “Eat It Like Beckham”, we can’t stay mad long.

The best part is the artworks are up for purchase, so this Christmas get your woman what she really wants – a painting of James Franco going to town, so that she has something to ogle while you show her just how special she really is.


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