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    Drake Accepts YK Osiris’s Boxing Challenge

                          YK Osiris’s Boxing Challenge

    Boxing Challenge
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    It’s one thing for haters to troll celebrities, but when entertainers do it to each other, things get interesting. The latest in celebrity-based trolling just so happens to be Drake and rising star YK Osiris.

    Many of us might remember when the 22-year-old singer challenged Drake to a boxing challenge this past summer. Of course, the “God’s Plan” rapper turned down the Jacksonville, Florida native’s offer. However, Drake has seemingly changed his mind after trolling YK Osiris via the invite-only social media app Clubhouse. Among the many rap star beat downs happening over the new app already, Drake and YK Osiris’s boxing challenge will the one worth watching.

                Drake Trolls YK Osiris With Just A Photo

    Celebrities like to have fun on social media just like us. Rapper Drake and singer YK Osiris certainly have participated in a little online banter themselves, but it’s all done out of love. The stars have been spotted hanging out together occasionally, sparking rumors of a potential bromance. Though, their latest stunt is just downright hilarious.

    Drake recently joined Clubhouse on Sunday to tune into Boi-1da’s beat battle and it caused quite a buzz among fans. The “God’s Plan” star didn’t just join the invite-only app though, he also trolled YK Orisis by using a hilarious selfie of him for his avatar. Fans speculate that the rapper has accepted YK Osiris’s earlier offer in a boxing challenge. Previously YK Osiris had plenty of say about his potential face-off with Drake, stating boldly that, “I’m trynna box you now, lol.” The 22-year-old, however, backtracked, “I’m jp u gonna beat df out of me.” Rather than encouraging his friend, Drake contends with YK Osiris’s suspicions. “Least you know your limits,” the rapper wrote back in their DM exchange. YK Osiris might’ve bitten off more than he can chew.

    Who do you think will the Clubhouse boxing challenge? Drake or YK Osiris?





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