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Drafting Players In Your Fantasy Football League Is Actually A Skill

Here’s everything you need to know about drafting players, playing the waiver wire, making trades and knowing who to start. So, let’s get right into how to perfect your fantasy football skills!

We’ve told you why the fantasy football industry is booming, and how to play the game of luck. But, there is skill involved pertaining to the following: drafting players, playing the waiver wire, making trades, and knowing who to start. So, let’s get right into it. Here’s how to perfect your fantasy football skills.

Zoning in on the draft, I see the same mistake happening every year, as novice fantasy players can’t make the distinction between fantasy football, and real life football. That said, players will prioritize QB’s ahead of RB’s and WR’s. To a degree, they’re right, because QB’s typically score more points, but that’s because of the nature of the position.

For example, Marcus Mariota, the 13th best QB last year based on points, scored 259.9 points. Remember, 12 team leagues are the most common, so Mariota wouldn’t have been a starter in a league last year. To put that into perspective, Mariota’s 259.9 points would’ve made him the 7th best RB last year, and tied for the 6th best WR. To further prove my point, he would’ve finished as the top TE as well.

So, there you have it. The nature of the QB position is the reason QB’s score as much, and not necessarily the player himself. If anything, you see the 13th best QB at other positions moves into the top 7 of the other three positions, and that’s because of market value. Without further ado, I present to you the magic formula, originated by The Fantasy Football Guys. You can listen to them explain it here. You can calculate yours here.

Essentially, the magic formula is what every fantasy player should calculate before their draft. First and foremost, go to your league settings, and find out how scoring in your league works. If you’re calculating using The Fantasy Football Guys’ website, you can transfer your scoring settings into their database in addition to the number of teams.

If you’re not using a website, all you’ll need to know is the amount of teams in your league. Remember, your starting lineup includes a starting QB and TE, and two RB’s and WR’s. But, you also have a flex that could be a RB/WR/TE. So, when calculating the formula, you’ll say you can start a QB, 3 RB’s, 3 WR’s, and 2 TE’s.

If you’re using the website, click calculate, and a one year, three year, and five year average appears toward the bottom of the page. Focus on one year. The position with the most total points is the position you should target in the first round, and often, in your draft. Additionally, prioritize the subsequent positions based on highest amount of points.

If you’re not using the website, you’ll need to research the scoring leaders in your league from the following year. For QB, subtract the top scoring signal caller’s point with the 12th best scoring QB. 12, because there’s 12 teams in your league, so it’s the worst starting QB in theory. However, for RB and WR, because of the flex position you’ll need to subtract the top scorer at each position with the 36th best scoring RB and WR, respectively.

To round things out, subtract the top scoring TE with the 24th best TE, because of the flex position. All in all, you should have four point totals. Whatever position has the most total points is the most important position in your league, the second most total points is the second most important, so on and so fourth.

You have obtained the necessary skills to draft players. Later on, we’ll zone in on playing the waiver wire, trading players, and knowing who to start.

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