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    Dr. Dre Plans To Cut Off Ex-Wife

    It’s always sad to watch long-term celebrity marriages crash and burn. Unfortunately, Dr. Dre and his wife of 24 years Nicole Young have weathered through a messy divorce that won’t be letting up anytime soon. His wife filed for a divorce back in June over “reconcilable differences.” Months later, Young came forth with details of spousal abuse and cheating allegations. Currently, she is demanding information regarding Dr. Dre’s fathering of children outside their marriage. The divorce proceedings have worsened since Dr. Dre announced plans to cut off his ex-wife’s spousal support.

                                    Nicole Is Cut Off

    via Page Six

    When it comes down to it, breakups are basically terrible. Some end on a better note than others. In Dr. Dre’s case, his divorce to his ex-wife just gets more tragic by the day. The more information that’s released by the media, the clearer it becomes that their marriage was a sham from the beginning. Nicole Young claimed she was forced into signing their prenup, suffered martial abuse and even accused Dr.Dre of infidelity. Bottomline is there’s a lot of “he said, she said” happening on both sides. One thing’s for clear is that Dr. Dre plans to cut off his wife’s spousal support of $293,306 a month. According to TMZ, Nicole Young has now upped her price to $2 million a month. The Electronic Beats CEO’s response to his ex-wife’s request is nothing short of a definite refusal.

    A source close to the rap legend, told TMZ, “Once this case is resolved and Dre discontinues his current practice of paying for all of her expenses, Nicole is going to have to learn to tighten that belt.” Another source connected to Dre told TMZ a different story. They revealed that the “court-approved schedule showed that Nicole Young is entitled to spousal support ranging anywhere from $138,622 and $81,002 a month.” That’s not $2 million but it’s still a lot to cover her expenses.

                                     Stealing Money

    via Vanity Fair

    In this high-stakes divorce, the divorce is bringing out the worst in Dr. Dre and Nicole Young. Not only does Dr. Dre plan to cut off his ex-wife, but he’s filed a police report that claims Young embezzled $385,029 from his companies. Sources say that when Young played the 5th when questioned. In the same breath, though, her lawyers argued that she’s entitled to that money, regardless. Who knows if these two will ever get their stories straight.

    What do you think? Is Nicole Young deserving of her spousal support? Are her accusations true?





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