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Double Dare Hosts It’s First Same Sex Couple On The Show

According to Pride, Double Dare, a Nickelodeon game show, had its first same-sex couple of the show!

The game show, currently on its third season, features families who compete against each other in trivia and obstacle courses. Well, in this past episode, the show decided to change up their contestants. In addition to their typical contestants, the show features a family with two dads.

The announcer said this when introducing them:

“In Blue, we have Oscar and Marcos and their dads Liberty and Bryan. They love football and they love each other. They are team Double Dads. That’s right! It’s about time we had double dads on Double Dare.”

Also, more family game shows need to have gay couples of their show. Their exclusion from these shows contributes to homophobia, by making it appear that they are not worthy of being included. By featuring more gay couples, homosexuality can make further steps to be normalized. In addition to this, it can show that gay couples are indeed human!

What do you all think of Double Dare having its first same-sex couple of the show? Do you also think that there should be more same-sex couples on family game shows? Let us know with a comment below and for more buzzing LGBTQ news, stay tuned to!

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