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    Don’t Be Fooled, Kevin Hart Is Just as Gangsta’ as Ice Cube In ‘Ride Along 2’

    Yeah, Kevin Hart is the little “big” guy we all know and love. From sold out stand up comedy shows to big screen debuts like his newest blockbuster hit “Ride Along 2” – with Hip-Hop legend turned actor/director – Ice Cube. But don’t be fooled ladies and gentlemen. Kevin Hart is from the streets of North Philly, (Erie Aveto be exact) and though on screen he plays the role of a silly, nervous crime busting gun slinger, we have proof that Hart will jack you up if you step wrong. If not, just as cold as Ice Cube himself.

    For starters, He’s buff and in great shape.

    Taking lead in front of the camera for Nike, Hart shows that his daily training routine is rigorous, gut busting and challenging. Knowing the importance of staying fit, his dedication shows his commitment. You wouldn’t want to get in his way, no matter what height he is. He’ll tighten you up, Philly style.

    Like Ice Cube in his Day, Kevin Hart rolls up in a 64′ on Hydraulics.


    Can’t be a gangsta if you not pushing up on something candy painted, right?! In Ride Along 2, Kevin Hart saves the day, making his presence be known for all them bustas trynna’ start something. Peep the matching red stunner shades with dark black tint. Another reason why Hart is just as cold as Ice Cube.

    On his off time, he’s a “Compton Thug” with the hardest curl on the planet.

    The hardest gangstas on the planet have three things, a sick gold chain, all black attire and a ‘Soul Glo:’ Compton curl. Undeniably, cold.

    Lastly, he jumped on Jimmy Fallon’s desk to show off his new Nike Trainers.

    Who can jump on the desk of Jimmy Fallon and get away with it? Being cold as a gangsta would be, Kevin Hart doesn’t just announce his newest collaboration with Nike, he showcases them on a pedestal. And one he decided to make, which of course… is Jimmy Fallon’s work desk. Simply, gangsta.

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