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    Donald Trump Facing An Uphill Battle With Michael Cohen and Alva Johnson

    Trump is facing an uphill battle that is sure to decimate any integrity he has left.

    Number 45 has done nothing less than a horrible job taking over The White House. It seems like Trump simply cannot stay out of the limelight at all. The businessman has continued to troll people on Twitter, and speak his mind regarding less relevant topics. Recently he even spoke of Jussie Smollet’s debacle say “It Doesn’t Get Worse” Overall, it leads us to believe that Trump is incompetent when it comes to running a Country. From his decisions to his outlandish remark, Trump is surely looking to destroy what is left of today’s economy.

    At the moment Donald is on the hot seat as his former lawyer, Michael Cohen has testified to Trump’s character. Cohen has confirmed that Trump is a racist, and only look’s out for his best interest overall. The news swirling around this morning is sure to leave Trump itching to defend himself on social media. Michael Cohen is currently working with the special counsel Robert Muller to shorten his sentence He still has other major issues to worry about. Last week he called for a national emergency regarding border security. However, it’s more than evident national emergency my ass, as Trump’s plans are canceled curiosity of Democrats.

    Alva Johnson

    Furthermore, we even have more disturbing news, a former staffer from Trump’s presidential campaign has made a claim. The former staffer who is a black woman, claims that number 45 tried to kiss her at a Florida rally. The woman by the name of “Alva Johnson” said that Trump allegedly tried to land a big smacker on her lips. Donald has been connected to outside affairs for the last several years. Including one to adult star Stormy Daniels. IfTrump facing heavy

    Should Trump resign now because of what he allegedly did to Alva Johnson? Can we impeach Trump yet? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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