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    Donald Trump And The Illusion Of Winning

    Donald Trump addressed the nation in what will be known as the most entertaining state of the union speech in history.

    Although the speech was full of fiction and outright lies, the reality star turned president didn’t fail to bring the entertainment.

    Donald Trump And The Illusion Of Winning-1

    While his secretary of education, Betsy Devos, is gutting public education and has been sued by the teachers union. Trump, in his never fail antics, decided to give a black girl Janiyah Davis a scholarship.

    Later it was reported that this scholarship is being funded personally by Betsy Devos herself. A first for a president during a state of the union speech.

    In an attempt to further gain black support, Trump honored a 100-year-old Tuskegee airman Charles McGee.

    Other honors include Tony Rankins, a former African American soldier who, with help from “R investments,” was able to turn his life around from drugs and crime.

    Hispanic border patrol chief Raul Ortiz. who is in charge of over 20,000 agents and staff

    Ironical Contradictions in Honor

    However, the night would take a partisan turn. As Trump ( during black history month) bestowed the highest civilian honor “the congressional medal of freedom” on what many perceive as a racist, pill popping addict in Rush Limbaugh.

    Limbaugh, who is suffering from stage 4 cancer, has stated that former first lady Michelle Obama “looked like a gorilla in a dress.”

    Limbaugh also drew ire when he said the NFL looks like the Bloods and Crips fighting without weapons.

    After having the first lady, Melania Trump bestow the honor on Limbaugh. A first in state of the union history. Trump began to speak on the case of Ellie Schneider.

    She was born at just 21 weeks. Ellie is one of the youngest babies ever to survive in the united states. Trump claimed that the Republicans were fighting for Americans’ health care and preexisting conditions.

    Meanwhile, the Trump administration has several court cases fighting to refuse those with preexisting conditions health coverage.

    Furthermore, Trump received a standing ovation when he stated that he helped lift over 7 million people off of welfare. Fact-checkers pointed out that they weren’t helped at all. Trump cut those benefits forcing many to struggle.

    Reality Show Moments

    In an act to draw more emotion and accolades. Trump surprised a military wife and her children by bringing her husband and father Townsend Williams home for a brief visit.

    However, when Trump spoke of his foreign policy ideas, he seemed focused on Venezuela, which is why he honored Juan Guiado. Guiado claims to be the legitimate president of Venezuela. Trump threatened current leader Maduro.

    The image of a Guiado joined so closely to America has made many Venezuelans skeptical about his agenda. Drawing them closer to Maduro

    The state of the union speech was a well scripted and well-read piece of fiction for those seeking their fill of political theater.

    At the end of the speech, many people noticed that the current speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took the speech and torn it up.

    Donald Trump And The Illusion Of Winning-2

    Pelosi would later state, “she tore it up because it was a manifesto of lies and non-truths.

    Meanwhile, the nation awaits the fate of Donald trumps impeachment trial. What were your thoughts on the state of the union? Let us know in the comments.

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