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    Domino’s Worker Attacks For ‘Avengers’ Spoiler

    Domino’s employee goes into a rage after a co-worker spills the beans about “Avengers: Endgame.”

    The final part of the Marvel series, Avengers: Endgame,” had fans all over the world going ga-ga to see the film. Furthermore, those who could not catch opening weekend, have had to deal with spoilers shared all over!

    According to Hollywood Unlocked, For one Domino’s employee, it was all too much to take. Apparently, the enraged worker attacked his workmate for revealing an Avengers spoiler.

    Local police shared the news via a Facebook report,

    “Justin Gregory Surface, 33, of Friendswood, was issued a citation for Assault by Contact after another employee revealed a spoiler about the movie, ‘End Game’”
    “That’s hilarious,” one Domino’s customer told an ABC affiliate.” That just seems kinda insane to me.”

    Above all, the film has grossed an estimated $350 million domestically and 1.2 Billion globally.

    Domino’s has denied any requests for comment. It is not clear what happened to the employee.

    In conclusion, would you have reacted the same way if someone spoiled the Endgame for you? Leave your comments below in the comment box below!

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    Featured Image Credit: ABC13 Huston

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