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    Dominic Fike’s Just Released His First Album

    Who is Dominic Fike? Many people hear his name and don’t recognize it. Others met him through a BROCKHAMPTON short film produced by his close friend Kevin Abstract. Originally from Naples, Florida, Dominic Fike has blown up this past year through his creative singles. Now, he finally gifts us with his first album.

    Dominic Fike’s first step into fame was his hit “3 Nights” that was basically the song of the Summer in 2019. Played on radio stations and streamed by everyone, this song led Fike to build momentum for recording more singles such as “Phone Numbers”, “Rollerblades”, and “Chicken Tenders”.

    If there was one word to describe Fike’s type of music, it would be genre-less. He breaks boundaries when it comes to production. His lyrics are fun but smart. It feels like he is always telling a story with his music. The thing about Dominic Fike is that all of his songs are so different from each other, making him a very versatile artist.

    His new album is titled What Could Possibly Go Wrong and was first announced in 2019. This masterpiece contains hits such as “Chicken Tenders”, “Vampire”, and “Politics Violence”. These songs are weird, but in a good way. Dominic Fike has hit big with this album and seems to be finally getting the recognition he deserves. He is an up and coming artist who is moving quite fast in the industry.
    Stream What Could Possibly Go Wrong here:


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