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    Doja Cats Gives A Shout Out To Little Brother On Twitter

    In the HipHop scene, new and old rap stars often take shots at each other. Though, some stars praise the work of others who’ve inspired them. Recently, Doja Cat took a moment to honor her music idol. Furthermore, the 26-year-old gave her shout out to HipHop group Little Brother on social media. What makes the moment all the more special though, is that the HipHop group shares their appreciation. 

              Doja Cat Shows Little Brother Some Love

    Little Brother
    via HotNewHipHop

    At 26-years-old, Doja Cat has accomplished a lot in her early music career. The star has 11 Grammy nominations, several multi-platinum singles and her latest album on the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Charts. Most recently, she hosted the MTV Music Video Awards as well. Apparently, the star achieved her dreams and more. She’s quite the mega star these days. Even with all those awards, though, she hasn’t forgotten her biggest music idols. 

    Last Friday, Doja Cat did an Instagram Livestream where she praised Little Brother’s “Whatever You Say” whilst doing her makeup. Furthermore, the song comes from the legendary duo’s 2003 debut album, The Listening. Interesting enough, Doja Cat is a fan of the classics. 

    The South Carolina Band Appreciates Doja Cat’s Praise

    Little Brother
    via UPROXX

    After Doja Cat’s video shoutout to Little Brother, the South Carolina band went viral on Twitter. It became such a hot topic that Little Brother’s member Phonte reached out to Doja Cat. The legendary band member had nothing but appreciation and honor for the rapper. Even moreso, he revealed that he’d been pleasantly surprised to hear that someone of her stature knew of them. “The surprising part was that someone of her magnitude openly and publicly acknowledged us because that doesn’t happen very often in this business. It was a beautiful thing to see,” he told to HipHopDX. Obviously, Doja Cat knows good music. 


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