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    Doja Cat & Saweetie Launch The “Bestie In A Tessie” Contest

    Having a best friend can brighten anyone’s day. Saweetie’s “Best Friend” music video is blowing up all over the Internet.  But this clip, unfortunately, may not be available in several countries. But you can always watch it using a free online VPN. With VPN you will be able to access all closed content on the Internet. Recently, it received a major boost from an upcoming giveaway contest the rap star and her bestie Doja Cat plan to hold for fans. The two rap divas just revealed their big partnership with Tesla via social media. In promotion of their record “Best Friend”, they will give away two Tesla’s to fans in their “Bestie In A Tessie” contest. Who wouldn’t want a free Tesla from Doja Cat and Saweetie?

                Saweetie And Doja Cat’s “Best Friend” Track Races To The No. 1 Spot

    Bestie In A Tessie
    via HITC

    Securing the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Charts takes a lot of work. Though, some stars know how to make it to the top without a sweat. While this year has been full of mega collabs between great artists, Saweetie and Doja Cat’s “Best Friend” is a definite banger. The rap divas released their new joint just last month and the song has millions of views. The song has been making it’s way to the number spot on the Billboard Charts. Currently, it holds the 16 and 19 spots on the US Hot R&B/HipHop Songs and UK R&B Billboard Charts. The “Bestie In A Tessie” Contest might literally just be the push the song needs to make it to the top spot.

                          The “Bestie In A Tessie” Contest

    Bestie In A Tessie
    via Radio

    By “Best Friend” being every woman’s power-girl anthem, it only makes sense to keep the momentum going. Saweetie and her bestie Doja Cat have just revived up the hype surrounding their hit song “Bestfriend” with a new giveaway contest. The female emcees have launched their new “Bestie In A Tessie” Contest where they will give away two Tesla cars to two lucky fans. The contest started on February 22 and will end on April 16. All of the “Bestie In A Tessie” contest details can be found through the Gleam Contest Link.

    What do you think? Will you participate in the contest to win a Tesla from Saweetie and Doja Cat?


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