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    Doja Cat Reveals A New Album Is On The Way

    The “Say So” singer and rapper Doja Cat has just announced her next album. This will be her third studio album. In an interview with MTV, Doja Cat explains that the album features dancehall, Afrobeat, funk, house music and more. She states she is trying to cover all bases with this album.

    Doja Cat explained that she won’t be doing her normal style of music this time around. She also admitted to “winging it” when it comes to writing music. Doja Cat was begged to spill the release date but she refused, leaving fans anticipating this new album to drop at any moment.

    Earlier this year, there was a lot of controversy over Doja Cat. In 2018, the rapper used a homophobic slur which sparked anger among fans. However, this year, video footage has surfaced of Doja Cat participating in a video chat with alt-right members. The hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty surfaced on social media after many fans named her anti-black. She was immediately cancelled.

    Just a day later after being cancelled, the rumors were put to rest and it was discovered that Doja Cat was never involved with any racist conversation. The hashtag #WeAreSorryDoja went viral and she finally spoke out about the topic and cleared the air on Instagram.

    Despite the drama of cancel culture Doja Cat had to deal with, we are still so excited to hear this new album. She has blown up from her TikTok sensation single “Say So”, putting her in the perfect place to release a new album. The iconic pop artist never fails to please her fans.

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