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    Doja Cat Used To Be A Chain Smoker

    Breaking a bad habit takes serious work. Though, when it comes to self-preservation, a person can come to make a few positive changes in their lives. Doja Cat certainly changed her life for the better after a truly bad acid trip made her quit smoking. At 26-years-old, the rap star realized she didn’t want to continue being a chain smoker. Though, the star admitted during an interview that she’s still struggling with at least one bad habit.

    A Bad Acid-Trip Makes Doja Cat Stop Chain Smoking

    chain smoker
    via The Independent

    People have tons of addiction stories, including celebrities. Recently, Doja Cat revealed to Rolling Stone she was a chain-smoker. While the rapper described acid as being a “wonderful experience”, her last joint put everything into perspective.

    “I had a bad experience with my last trip, but it made me quit a lot of my habits. I’m a very habitual person. I smoked lots of cigarettes. But I quit smoking because of the acid I took,” Doja Cat told the publication.

    Furthermore, the rap star went on to say that since her “bad acid trip” she’s never picked up another cigarette again.

    Unfortunately, the terrifying experience led the star to develop another bad habit. In Rolling Stone’s cover story, the 26-year-old revealed that she drinks heavily now. At this point, the star needs to find a cleanse to help her kick bad habits.

    Chain-Smoking Negatively Affected Her Vocal Cords

    chain smoker
    via HotNewHipHop

    Clearly, Doja Cat has taken baby steps to quit her bad habits. It’s not going to happen overnight but at least the star is making a good effort. Lucky for her, acid made the star realize what’s more important, her music career.

    During an interview with Billboard back in April, the star spoke on the matter again. Though, she delved into the severity of the impact her chain smoking had her music career. According to Doja Cat, her smoking negatively affected her voice and even zapped her energy. Fortunately, the acid-trip gave the star a much-needed wakeup call.



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