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    Does Washington Commanders HC Ron Rivera Care too much or not enough?

    This past Sunday, the Washington Commanders have been officially eliminated from playoff contention. However, the biggest takeaway from them being eliminated was the Commanders HC Ron Rivera not knowing they were. Naturally, the veteran HC received a ton of backlash for voicing his mind when he was notified of the Commanders being eliminated.

    Many were concerned with Rivera’s mindset about being eliminated more than they were about being eliminated itself. Rivera’s unknowing of the possibility of being eliminated brings concerns to many fans. This forces the spectators to believe either Rivera didn’t care enough whether the Commanders made the playoffs or not, or he was too locked into the game to think of any other outcomes besides trying to win the game. 

    After the 24-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, Rovera was asked by the reporter, “how the 7-8-1 Commanders would handle the QB situation in week 18?”

    “We could be eliminated?” Rivera responded.

    The Commanders Fate Sealed with the Packers win

    Hours later, the Green Bay Packers destroyed the Minnesoat Vikings at Lambeau Field, 41-17, to officially knock the Commanders out the playoff picture. Later, he expressed he misunderstood the question and his answer was taken out of context. Rivera spoke to ESPN’s John Keim and expressed his thoughts precisely about the matter.

    Rivera clarified his comment to Keim, saying he was frustrated by the question and wasn’t aware the Commanders could be eliminated because “he thought they would win and only focused on what would happen if they won.”

    Unfortunately, since making the playoffs in his first year at the Commanders with a 7-9 record. The Commanders have struggled to compete in the playoffs ever since. They have now failed to qualify for the playoffs for two straight seasons. Since 2016, the Commanders haven’t finished above .500, according to NBC Sports.


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