HF Exclusive: Doe$ki Is “Piped Up” and Coming At You Hard All Summer 17

Doe$ki Is Piped Up and Coming

iLPackMobb has been taking over the 757 since all 3 collectives: Sole Pack, International Locals, and Bliq Mobb, became known as iPM in early 2015. The group is made up of a plethora of creatives that are legendary in their own right, and since the release of his February mixtape “YN$TM2,” the group’s OG trap star, Doe$ki, has been dropping HITS making it clear that it’s young n*gga season.

Doe$ki began surfacing with his 2016 debut project “YNSTM” and his critically acclaimed breakout hit, “YN$”. That project hosted 13-tracks of heavy-hitting energy, and that track alone put Doe$ki in a position that made him the voice of a young & growing generation that not only celebrates their youth, but puts the lifestyle of the young, wild, and free on the centerstage for all to see.

Within 2 weeks, Doe has dropped off 2 new visuals: his Vontae Knight directed motion picture for track #6 pulled from YN$TM2, “Piped Up,” and his new Will The Rapper collaboration, “Forreal“.

Both drop off’s continue to raise the bar for Doeski’s musical impetus. Upon the release of his latest offerings, HYPEFRESH contributing writer Niyah Nel got up with Doe$ki for a brief interview. Tune into the dialogue below:

Doe$ki Is Piped Up and Coming 1

 Q: Your new visual “Piped Up” was pulled from your latest mixtape “YN$TM2”. Talk about the concept behind both the first and second parts of the project.

Nothing forreal.. just me showing mother f*ckers that I’m on that “young n*gga sh*t”, and this how I’m coming. Nah mean. I ain’t never drop no tape. Everybody always knew me for rapping and turning up. So I’m showing mother f*ckers how I’m coming. I’m coming hard. Putting on for the young people.. and I’m on that young n*gga sh*t. Showing mother f*ckers that I can spit some flame.

Q: This is also your first visual release to accompany your new mixtape. Many other tracks like “John Madden” & “YNS 2” seem to have been more heavily noted with your fans.. what made you choose this as the first visual release?

The reason why I chose to shoot “Piped Up” as the first video off my tape is because it’s a “Piped Up” ass song (lol). It just got that build-up that I think people f*ck with.. so when people heard it, they automatically rocked with it because it’s just a really lit song. So I shot that one. It’s one of my favorites AND the fans favorite.

Q: How heavy is the Doe$ki wave in the 757 with the way your demographic is taking off?

The Doe$ki wave in the 75, I would say, is REAL heavy. It took me awhile to notice that mother f*ckers actually really do f*ck with me. I go places, I hear my music. People always come up to me and tell me they love my music. So yeah. I would say the Doe$ki wave is going pretty strong.. and I have plenty of fans that’ll back me up.

Q: I think it’s safe to say you & Young Crazy are running things as far as momentum with the type of sound you’re bringing out here in VA. Why do you think your music has become so potent in the area?

Because my fans and people that support me, they me know that I’ma turn up, and they know I’m serious with this sh*t and they know I got it. They know me period. Before I was a rapper, people knew me. So its like they support me regardless. Everybody rocking with me & my music because they know I’m trying to take us to the top.. I’m trynna take VA to the top. Norfolk to the top. And people know that me & Crazy are two of those people that are doing it out here. I’m just trynna get like bro. Thats big bruh..

I think my music is so potent because the listeners know it’s real.. They see what I’m trynna do.

Q: What can we expect following these two new videos?

More videos (lol). Me and Vontae Knight, we going crazy. We trynna shoot some songs from YN$TM1 that we feel deserve some videos. We really plan on shooting a video for the whole YN$TM2 because they all deserve visuals. So it really depends as far as that. Definitely going to shoot my favorite songs. “Spazz Out” will probably be the next joint. But yeah. That’s what you can expect from Young Doe. More videos.

Check out his latest Vontae Knight Produced Visual, “Piped Up” below.


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