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    DMX Gets Out of Prison Next Month… And He’s Got New Music.

    DMX is about to be a free man again after his most recent arrest over tax evasion and fines which lead him to prison.

    $2.3 Million dollars later and one entire year in the bing he’s one month away to seeing daylight. DMX’s attorney Murray Richman told the gossip website that he’s coming home on Jan. 27, 2019.

    DMX has 15 kids and we’re sure they’re all happy to see him when he gets back home. TMZ reports that his youngest son Exodus is suffering from serious health problems, adding that Earl is “anxious to see” the two-year-old.

    It also looks as though there are several options on the table for DMX outside of music… But within acting as well as TMZ reports that unnamed sources have leaked that he has several movie roles on the table for his choosing.

    But we know his inspiration for new music is charged up and he’s ready to help turn the “mumble rap” game around. And that’s what the fans want to hear. Swizz Beatz may just be the man behind his newest release and production.

    Until then, all we can do is wait and see. Are your ready for some new DMX and possibly more Hollywood X debuts? We know we are! Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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