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    DMV Artist Dayon Greene Reignites Lost Love In ‘My Twin Flame’

    DMV’s Own Dayon Greene’s Cross-Genre Magic

    Don’t you miss that old-school R&B? Not only were hey superior vocalists, but they weren’t afraid to go all out to showcase their love. Nowadays, it’s not even about love. I don’t get it. Everyone wants to be toxic. But Dayon Greene out of the DMV has been supplying the love that I feel has been absent in the genre. He smoothly combines R&B and rap, resulting in a match made in heaven.

    Learned From the Best

    A true student of the game, he was influenced by great artists that came before him. Greene grew up listening to artists like Bob Marley, Frank Ocean, and Andre 3000. All great artists to look up to because they transcended past music and engraved themselves into popular culture forever. Greene hopes to bring the same positivity that they brought to the industry.

    To kick off the summer, he released his single “Better Off Without You” with L.V.R.N. singer Alex Vaughn. The passionate energy that these two deliver on this single was special. Neither one of them held back emotionally or vocally, giving their all.

    Delightful Surprise

    Little did we know that this was the beginning of his project rollout. Greene followed that single up with his newest release titled ‘My Twin Flame’. For all the old folks out there, wondering what a twin flame is, it’s someone that you share an intense “soul” connection with. It makes sense why he titled it that, because of the flirtatious energy he provides.

    Once again, he does what needs to be done in the studio. Sonically, Kozy Kae brings the best out of him vocally. It feels like his production almost challenges him in a way to sing harder. Their sounds effortlessly complement each other.

    Be sure to check out more music from Dayon Greene and Kozy Kae. The DMV has been on a roll with providing sensual R&B vibes.





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