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    DJ Paul Thinks That R.Kelly’s Music Legacy Will Live Forever…

    DJ Paul thinks that the legacy of R.Kelly should still be respected, despite everything that R.Kelly has done in the past.

    Surviving R.Kelly has the industry buzzing about his abusive and predatory past against women. While many people have stopped listening to his music, disowned him or lied in public, other people say that they can separate the music from the singer. One of them is French Montana, who believes that R.Kelly should be able to enjoy his legacy. TMZ caught up with DJ Paul to see what he thinks of that. And, Paul agrees.

    “You know he got talent, his personal life shouldn’t have nothing to do with that. He got good music, and music is medicine.”

    “The music is a whole separate thing, that’s two different people, you know like that woman said on the TV show. She was like, ‘Robert is one person, R. Kelly is another person.'”

    French Montana has gotten a lot of pushback for his comment. DJ Paul likely will too. Don’t believe us, check out the visual above!

    So, what do you think of DJ Paul’s comment? Do you believe that it is possible to separate the art from the artist?

    Let us know your thoughts with a comment below! And don’t forget to keep it locked on for more news!

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