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    Three6Mafia’s DJ Paul Claps Back About Gangsta Boo Funeral Absence

    Fake love is the worst type of love to exist. Death and jail are two of the most clear-cut ways to test the character of a family member or friend. With the recent news of Memphis legend Gangsta Boo, you can imagine her funeral was a very emotional scene. Reportedly, people were upset after DJ Paul was nowhere to be found at the funeral service.

    Loud and Wrong

    Not expecting to be called out, The Three Six Mafia co-founder took his frustrations to social media. DJ Paul was appalled and upset that anyone would think he’d miss the service out of disrespect. He further explained he missed the service due to a prior business agreement (concert date) and can’t bring himself to attend funerals.

    He also revealed that he was responsible for paying the bill for the funeral. Look back at Big Scarr’s funeral situation. Funerals are very expensive, so for me, that means more than showing up. Folks have to let people grieve the way they want to.

    Funerals Not For Everyone

    I fully understand DJ Paul’s decision. Everyone doesn’t do funerals. Attending one can deeply affect a person mentally. Just because you don’t attend the funeral, it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Clearly, these people aren’t familiar with the unbreakable Three Six Mafia bond.

    I hate that DJ Paul even felt the need to explain himself. The internet needs to learn to leave people alone and mind their business. I don’t mess with funerals either for the same reasons. They are full of fake nosy people who didn’t show love while you were alive.


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