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    DJ Khaled & Drake’s “POPSTAR” – New Video

    If you haven’t seen the new “POPSTAR” video by now, here’s your chance to be educated.

    The official music video stars none other than Justin Bieber, despite Bieber’s noninvolvement with the actual production of the song. The video dropped on September 3 and now has over 23 million views on Youtube. The video sat at #1 on Youtube’s Trending chart for some time, and is now at #3. 

    The music video features a comical story line. The premise is that DJ Khaled keeps bothering Drake to film a video for their new song, “POPSTAR”. An annoyed Drake, not wanting to be involved, calls Justin for a favor – starring in the video. 

    Thus the music video presents Justin Bieber lip syncing for Drake, and it is quite a sight to see.

    Throughout the video, Bieber is shown taking the place of Drake. He is filmed walking through the ultimate party house, and is surrounded by beautiful people, dancers and cars. 
    Bieber has since promoted the video on his Instagram

    DJ Khaled and Drake released their song “POPSTAR” this past July.


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