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    DJ Hart ft. Rich Quick, Audible Doctor, Nutso, Davenport Grimes – Mean Street$

    DJ Hart is an up and coming producer/beat maker who shows nothing but promise going into his upcoming debut EP, Passport which drops in September. His style and technique show that even though he’s not from the states, this French mixmaster can still hold it down.

    The first single to drop from his project is entitled “Mean Street$” and features a variety of different styles with Rich Quick, Audible Doctor, Nutso, Davenport Grimes rapping over this vintage hip-hop beat.

    The track provides a funky, old-school hip-hop feel that proves that true hip-hop isn’t based on where you’re from.

    The four emcees deliver sick flows that lead to an overall head-nodder.

    Hart and Rich Quick will be touring through Europe very soon, showcasing their talents as a vital one — two punch. Quick will be promoting his own LP, TheEverywhereMan that features a handful of productions from Hart as well. The two shared a popular single that even became the most popular indie single on DjBooth entitled “Breakfast“.

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