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    DJ Burn One’s Passion, Love For Music Changes The World

    Meet DJ Burn One

    A DJ and producer, now teacher educator, David Sweeten, a.k.a. DJ Burn One, has made a name for himself in hip-hop that is quite extraordinary. DJ Burn One continues to push the boundaries of music and teach students to succeed in the industry. Every day is a new beginning for the DJ and music is truly his passion.

    The Georgia-based record producer got started with music at the age of sixteen with getting his online presence and music out there. Eventually, DJ Burn One began selling mixtapes. And by the age of nineteen, he worked with a well-known rapper, Gucci Mane, on his mixtape, Chicken Talk. With his influential and innovative mindset, the producer brings a new style to hip-hop music.

    Dj burn one

    Now shifting his focus to production, DJ Burn One made the beat for “Houston Old Head,” one of A$AP Rocky’s greatest hits on his album, Long. Over the years, the Georgia native has worked with an endless list of artists, from independent to primary. Some of them include Lil Durk, Nicki Minaj, and Rich the Kid. The producer has his own production company, Five Points Bakery. He helps with beats, mixes, mastering, and eventually designing sound for movie trailers like 1917 and Justice League.

    “I set a goal one year to get something in pretty much every piece of the sync world,” DJ Burn One said. “So I was like, I want to get something in the soundtrack, in a video game, in a movie, on something on Netflix. So I kind of made this list within a year, we had it all done.”

    Influencing & Helping Others 

    Currently, DJ Burn One is in a partnership at the University of Illinois School of Music, “Music Monetization 499″. The course gets students ready in the realm of music and most importantly, teaches them the proper preparation to properly monetize their brand. Students are advised on creating samples, packages, and selling them. It truly is remarkable and unbelievable.” data-instgrm-version=”14″>

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    “So that’s a big thing, too,” the producer explains. “Teaching kids, you have to be adaptable and kind of understand. Like, the exact thing you have your target on may not be the thing you do or you may not get there. So you have to be adaptable and kind of figure out how you’re going to make the most of things until you get to that point.”
    The opportunities DJ Burn One has had have genuinely shaped him into the person he is today, from teaching to producing. With his eagerness to help and influence others, DJ Burn One makes it happen one artist at a time. As there are so many ways of making music and being in the industry, DJ Burn One strives to influence others. He continues to be an advocate in the music industry and truly inspires many.

    “I’ve always been an advocate for artists, “DJ Burn One says. “And if you do any research on me, see, I’ve always been fighting for artists rights and everything. So this right now makes the most sense to be able to help these artists. Producers really make a way and make an impact and give them the information they really need.”

    Dj Burn One’s Techniques 

    The music producer is on a quest to keep making new music and have people not be taken advantage of. DJ Burn One opens up about the industry is a difficult place. He recalled his experiences and he does not want others to make the same mistakes.

    “I really want people to protect themselves enough to give themselves a fair chance in what’s going on,” Burn One said.

    He ultimately shows them the techniques to make a song effectively.

    In addition to his career, DJ Burn One has a show on YouTube, “Tree Churches Down Right Now,” where they mix entertainment, live music, and these legendary stories. Play musical chairs and improvised on the instruments, and create pieces dearly close to his heart. He is truly making music that can change the world. Combining new music and old-time classics makes the show an innovative way to get people curious about music.

    “I always hear something that you are the son of the five people closest to you,” DJ Burn One commented. “And I want people to really take that to heart and realize, who are the people that are close to you or people pushing or holding you back? Lean into what’s beating you nice.”

    Creativity Turns Into Success 

    DJ Burn One used to think of himself as not creative until he started producing and eventually committed himself to production. Understanding what one truly enjoys and taking the time to learn makes a big difference in the outcome. After getting down the mastery and doing it almost unconsciously, DJ Burn One immersed himself in music.

    Dj burn one

    He preaches, “if you’re interested in something, immerse yourself into it.”

    “Everything I’ve learned from trying and applying, trying, taking that into account and then reapplying,” DJ Burn One explained. “So I would say start putting music out as soon as you feel comfortable like that. You have something that you feel good about and make what you want to hear. So, we’re trying to tell people leaning into what makes you unique.”

    Through commitment and being a passionate individual, DJ Burn One continues to push and exceed expectations in music. With his hard work, he is determined to achieve the goals he has set for himself and teaches others about succeeding in the cutthroat music world. Ultimately he has a reputation as one of the most ingenious musicians of the modern South.

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