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    DJ Alok Remakes Destiny’s Child Classic With “The Club Is Jumpin’”

    Brazilian artist Alok has managed to solidify his position as one of the biggest artists and DJs in the music industry today. He’s worked with some of today’s hottest pop artists such as The Rolling Stones, Zara Larsson, Jason Derulo, Tove Lo and even Ed Sheeran. 

    Furthermore, Alok gained international notoriety across the board. In 2021, DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ Poll hailed him the 4th Best DJ worldwide. Even Forbes voted him as one of the most influential young artists in Brazil today. That’s some mad props. 

    Additionally, he’s taken home mega awards like the International Dance Music Awards for his hit remix of “Piece of Your Heart.”  Even more impressive, Alok has the second-largest Instagram following out of any EDM artist. Not to mention, he has 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify. This guy literally has the world eating out of the palm of his hands. 

    He’s not showing any signs of slowing down in 2022, given the release of his new “future-tech” track “The Club Is Jumpin.’” The song features the indistinguishable sampling of Destiny’s Child “Jumpin, Jumpin’”, making the track all the more better.

    Destiny’s Child’s Classic “Jumpin’, Jumpin’” Gets Remixed

    Combining sounds together, whether they’re old or new, pretty much sums up the Brazilian DJ Alok. He’s never been one to stay in one music category and often jumps from one genre to the next. Speaking of which, his latest “future-tech” inspired track “The Club Is Jumpin’”,  puts an EDM spin on Destiny’s Child 2000s single “Jumpin, Jumpin.’” Furthermore, Alok admitted in a recent interview that he’s always been a huge fan of the original song and wanted to incorporate it with his style. Blending HipHop with electronic notes and beats arguably doesn’t sound like the best music combo, but Alok manages to get the crowd going anyway. His press release predicts that Alok’s new track will “light up the stages” during summer music festivals this year.  

    His Plans To Return EDM To The Stage

    The Club Is Jumpin'

    After suffering through two years of the pandemic, people need an escapism. Luckily, genre-hopping artist Alok might just be the antidote everyone is looking for. Furthermore, Alok calls his “future-tech” record “The Club Is Jumpin’” a celebration of the return of EDM music after weathering through the pandemic. All in all, the DJ just wants to see everyone dancing again. 

    Currently, the international artist has several events lined up for the rest of the year. In July, he’s slated to make his debut Summer residency at the famous venue Hï Ibiza. DJ Alok will become the first Brazilian to ever take up residency in the mega-club’s main room.

    Check out Alok newest track and get ready to dance. 







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