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    DJ Akademiks Called Out For Disrespectful Comments

    After years of being disrespected, Internet personality DJ Akademiks has turned into a full villain. It seems like it’s every month there is a new report about him going off on someone new. Per usual, DJ Akademik’s recent drunk tirade on live stream has the Internet/rap community upset once again.

    Last week on his live stream, Akademiks was discussing the state of hip-hop and the topic of discussion were comparing today’s artists to the last generation. For the most part, everything that he was saying was true! He was pointing out how today’s stars are noticeably richer. Everything was all good, ’til the disrespect started.

    Talking Out His Ass

    Akademiks proceeded to roast all older rappers, calling the majority of them broke and dusty. Serious pocket-watching by him to say something so out of touch and incorrect. While it may be true that plenty of older artists are disconnected from today’s culture, calling them dusty is very disrespectful because they paved the way. Without their contributions, hip-hop wouldn’t currently be the No. 1 selling genre.

    Big Elly Claps Back

    Once this news made its way to the public, old heads were heated, to say the least, especially LL Cool J. The hip-hop legend vented his frustrations with Akademiks and how he has negatively affected the culture. He even made a brilliant point about the wealth disparity among generations. If you think about it, there weren’t nearly as many opportunities available back then, compared to now. Because if there were, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation!

    MC Lyte Responds To Akademik’s Antics

    This week, the legendary femcee MC Lyte commented on Akademik’s outrageous claims.

    “I think it does a disservice to us as a community to think that way, but I also understand the generation that’s coming up now, everything is the proof, and they want to see the proof, as opposed to feel the proof, or hear the proof. They want to see it,” said Lyte.

    Just because Akademiks isn’t accepted by the masses, it doesn’t mean he has to give them more reasons to not like him! The worst part about this situation is, I’m confident this won’t be the last time Akademiks’ words get him in trouble again! Give it a couple of weeks.



    1. Akademiks net worth needs to match the comments he’s making. He’s calling out greats and he clearly doesn’t think before he speaks.

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