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    Divine Introduces The ‘BLAK’ Card For Financial Empowerment

    Hip Hop veteran and Tech Innovator – Divine, speaks exclusively with HYPEFRESH on his start in the world of digitalized financial services through his newest product – The BLAK Card. His backstory represents the humble beginnings of the modern day start-up venture in the vast market of electronic currency through entrepreneurialism. Being the CEO & Founder of BLAK Financial Technology, Inc., Divine plans on using his life-story to empower those in the African-American community struggling with financial management and habits.

    “It comes down to the struggle. I come from being impoverished and poverty stricken, and my whole life has been about trying to escape it. I’m focusing on financial services and banking — improving access, affordability and solving the financial exclusion problem that exists. It’s also strongly about social impact by teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship education. This product is for those who dare to dream, be entrepreneurial and succeed and create something from nothing. It’s for those who come from poverty but aspire for wealth.” – Divine

    Here’s a must see interview where Divine touches further in on financial issues in the African-American community. His solution? Hit play on the video above to check it out for yourself.

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