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    Disney Pixar’s Soul Has A Black Main Character.

    Disney Pixar’s Soul is a new movie with a black main character.

    Disney Pixar’s Soul deals with a teacher named Joe, who has been trying to pursue his career as a jazz musician. When he finally gets his big break tragedy happens and falls down a manhole.  Subsequently, his soul is detached from his body.

    The trailer and topic seem pretty morbid for a children’s movie. However, it’s meant to question if people are getting the most out of their lives. It’s a call to action to those who are not pursuing their dreams.

    This movie stars Tina Fey and Jamie Foxx.  Foxx’s character Joe’s soul goes to a seminar where it goes through a growing process before entering a new baby.Disney Pixar Soul

    Joe embarks on a journey to make it back to earth. The director of the film worked on Wall E, Monster’s Inc, Toy Story and more. The movie has more appearances from black actors including, Daveed Diggs, Phylicia Rashad, and Questlove.

    It is good to see some black representation in an original Disney film.

    Hopefully, there is some inclusion of our jazz artists included in the soundtrack or helping score the film. Twitter has definitely chimed in with some concerns about how POC are represented in Disney films.

    Someone tweeted “​How come whenever there is an African America lead they’re usually always turned into something else that doesn’t represent their race?? I love Princess in the Frog but they really made the first Black Disney princess a frog for most of the movie and now this?? Doesn’t add up”

    Another person tweeted “I was wondering myself how much of this film would the black character spend not looking like a black character” Hopefully, the movie lives up to the expectation that POC has for it.
    It is a good chance to incorporate black artists and culture and show appreciation for Jazz.

    Soul is expected to hit theaters in June 2020.

    What do you guys think about Disney Pixar’s Soul? Is the fact that the black character isn’t really featured throughout the film a big deal? Or should Black people just be happy because he’s black, to begin with?

    Lastly, Let us know your thoughts in the comments

    Article Written By Alexander Leal


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