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    Rising to prominence in 2008 with his acclaimed debut solo album ‘Bogies and Alcohol’, hip hop wordsmith Dirty Dik releases ‘Permanent Midnight’ the first official single take from his forthcoming album ‘Acrylic Snail’, due for release in December.

    Mr Dikestar has never been one for half measures in his music making. His dedication to Hip Hop is as sincere, driven and focused as you will ever see from an artist; it’s really all or nothing.

    Raw, engaging and intelligent as ever, Dirty Dike continues to show growth in his collection of material beginning with his first single. Full of brutally honest truths that his fanbase have always loved him for and found compelling to listen to, ‘Permanent Midnight’ is no different. Constructing a raw and experimental sound consisting of a collision of warped bass, skewed samples and a heavy baseline ‘Permanent Midnight; contains a catalyst of influences. The track depicts gritty realities of his circumstance and upbringing and is not only expressed through the lyrics but through the visuals.

    Released on High Focus Records, the label responsible for spearheading talent from across the UK, including Ocean Wisdom, Fliptrix, Coops and Rag ‘N’’ Bone Man; Dirty Dikes honest and raw talent adds to this labels impressive roster. The 14-track album ‘Acrylic Snail’  sees Dirty Dike join forces with renowned grime artist Killa P, UK hip hop linchpins Foreign Beggars, Inja , Jam Baxter and  Brit award winner and former label mate Rag ‘N’ Bone Man. Compiling an album that is his most exciting, filthy and prominent to date, Dirty Dike is here to continue his legacy as one of the most important talents in the UK hip hop scene.

    Having built an impressive and significant following across the globe, his music has become so in-demand and celebrated with hip-hop fans from all nations.



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