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    Dionne Warwick and Chance The Rapper’s Viral Tweets

    Dionne Warwick Is at It Again

    The legendary Dionne Warwick has called out another celebrity. This time it’s Chance the Rapper.

    Hi, @chancetherapper. If you are very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name?” the 79-year-old singer asked. “I cannot stop thinking about this.”

    The Chicago native swiftly responded, “Sorry I’m still freaking out that u know who I am. This is amazing.”

    He was modest in his next response. Chance the Rapper followed up in his next tweet, saying, “I will be whatever you wanna call me Ms. Warwick. God bless you.”

    Chance the Rapper Isn’t the Only Artist on Her Radar

    After coming for the rapper, the award-winning singer tweeted a message to The Weeknd. She  commented that his name is “not even spelled correctly.”

    “If you have ‘the’ in your name I’m coming for you. I need answers today.” She then proudly proclaimed, “I am now Dionne the Singer.”

    Warwick Might Lose Her Smartphone 

    There is no doubt that this icon is witty. Lighthearted humor runs in the family. Damon Elliott, Warwick’s youngest son, responded to his mother’s tweet threatening to take her phone and replace it once the quarantine ended.

    “Time to go back to a flip phone,” Elliott tweeted.

    Warwick Has Been on a Roll

    Warwick has gotten comfortable with her Twitter moments. In addition, her fan base has grown. Last week someone got a little bold. The user had the nerve to ask Ms. Warwick to buy them via tweet. Last week, her team tweeted on her behalf after she was asked to purchase a Playstation 5:

     “To the person who tweeted at Ms. Warwick asking for the PS5…She says no. – DW Team.”

    Fans might want to be on the lookout for more candid call outs of artists from the legendary Dionne Warwick. Who do you think could be next on Mrs. Warwick’s radar? 


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