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    Is It Possible?? Taye Diggs Dicking Jussie Smollett??

    Jussie Smollett has perhaps had the worst 2019 thus far. The actor has been in a whirl of backlash from his staged assault. Despite what happen fellow actors are speaking up to defend the empire actor.

    Perhaps we wanted to believe that Jussie Smollett was telling. Overall, the Chicago police investigation showed that the actor was lying and staged the whole thing. Jussie originally claimed that he was assaulted because of being black and gay. Furthermore, detectives found major loopholes in Smollett‘s story. Ultimately he a Grand jury would charge him with 16 counts for his actions. Afterward, a bizarre twist would get him out of going to court. Now the questions come into play if Diggs dicking Jussie Smollett?

    Diggs Dicking Jussie Smollett?

    The show co-creator Lee Daniels has already confirmed that Jussie Smollett will not be returning to the show. However, actor Taye Diggs is stepping in trying to be the voice of reason. Diggs sat down with Black Hollywood to speak his mind on the entire situation:

    “I have no idea what people are going through. And to be honest, it’s kinda none of my business,” Diggs began. “[Smollett] is a good friend of mine. I love him. He’s, he’s only done right by me. So you know people go through things. It doesn’t change who he was and who he is to me. It doesn’t change, you know, the attention that we still need to pay to, you know, homophobic. Like, the people, people trip out, just because; whatever happened doesn’t mean that, that the issue that he stands for don’t still exist.”

    “If I am being honest, the smart thing would be to bring him back and, and let it interweave it into the, into the show, you know?” Diggs said. “I feel like, people, I may get in trouble for saying this, but they’re so quick to just, uh, to leave, to leave these people. You know what I mean? So quick to, to fire them, so quick to kind of, you know, throw them away as opposed to, you know, taking their time and, maybe letting it, let it, let it work toward, you know, the program or the job, or, you’d probably get to the bottom of it if he, if he stuck around.”

    Furthermore, Diggs is not a stranger to the Empire set. Back in 2016, the actor portrayed a cameo on the show as Angelo DuBois. We understand that the actor is standing up for his brother, however, there have been rumors in the past about Diggs sexuality. Overall, it seems that Taye Diggs is very passionate about being an advocate for Smollett. We wouldn’t be surprised if Diggs dicking Jussie Smollett at some point.

    In conclusion, do you think that Diggs and Smollett would make a good couple? Is Taye Diggs gay? Will Jussie Smollett ever get passed his big mistake? Leave your comments and stay tuned to


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