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    Diddy Smashing Cassie Again Since He Doesn’t Have The Love of His Life

    Love is perhaps one of the most difficult emotions we deal with as humans. When you’re someone like Diddy you tend to have plenty of options at your disposable. That would

    include a smoking hot ex the likes of Cassie to get over your late soulmate.

    If you know Diddy then you know his appetite for women is one that is never satisfied. Diddy has dated some of the hottest women in the world of entertainment. That includes J-Lo, Kim Porter, and long-time on and off again girlfriend Cassie. The 49-year-old mogul broke up with Cassie some time back. For most, it was thought that the couple finally ended things for good. However, we have news that is sure to shock you.

    The world was in chaos once word got around that Cassie was dating her personal trainer, Alex Fine. Seem liked she decided she wanted a change of scenery and wanted a younger companion. Furthermore, there were rumors that the two was contemplating marriage. Several outlets have confirmed that the two have been caught in public. People have put the clues together confirming that the two are officially back together. An insider had this to say regarding Diddy:

    “Diddy claims that he’s changed and that this time he promises that he’ll marry [Cassie].”

    Further confirmation of Alex and Cassie split came after both removed all pictures of each other from their Instagram account. Diddy and Cassie first met back in 2006, he met her while she worked with Ryan Leslie at the time. Overall it was Diddy‘s charm and swag that lead to him pulling Cassie. We can expect many people to be outraged as the love of Diddy’s life, Kim Porter, recently passed away. The Bad Boy CEO took her passing hard, saying that he should have married her.

    Perhaps Diddy has learned his lesson when it comes to not settling down. However, we’re still shocked that he would move on this fast.

    Should he leave Cassie be? Will he actually try to marry her going forward?

    Featured Image Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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