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    Someone’s Lying Like They Stole Something: Sources Say Cassie Cheated

    Oh boy, oh boy. The Diddy and Cassie saga continues.

    After the love of his life, Kim Porter passed away in November, Diddy has lost yet another staple love in his rich life. As reported recently, Diddy and Cassie are no more dating. But that isn’t what has people talking the most.

    People are more concerned with who Cassie is dating, and when they officially started dating.

    Sources tell TMZ that Cassie started the new relationship with Alex Fine while she and Diddy were still an item. Apparently, after Diddy hired Alex Fine to train Cassie is when the two started to fool around. However, Cassie says that’s a pile of steaming hot bullshit…And by the way, Cassie’s new man, Alex Fine, is a bull rider, so she probably knows bullshit when she sees it now.

    After news started to circulate that Diddy was entertaining other women, the two eventually called it quits. They had been a couple for 10 years. Cassie claims she and Fine didn’t start going out until after she and Diddy parted ways.

    Someone’s clearly lying! 

    So, who do believe? Cassie or Diddy? Please comment below and for more of the Diddy and Cassie saga, keep it locked on Hypefresh for more gossip! 


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