Did Tupac Really Spit Game To The Ladies??? It Cost $15K To Find Out!!

Did Tupac Really Spit Game To The Ladies

Even years after his alleged death, Tupac is still making news.

The late death row rapper has influenced Hip-hop in a major way. In the mid 90’s Tupac was the voice for the urban community as a whole, demonstrating that politicians were corrupt and did not have a genuine care for Black America.

Imagine years later that you would be able to have a piece of Tupac known for his revolutionary views? According to TMZ , Moments in Time is selling 2 handwritten love letters written by Pac when he was younger.

At the age of 14-years-old in 1985, Shakur was a freshman attending Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Baltimore. Apparently, he wrote a letter to a classmate by the name of Averel. in the first letter, ‘Pac keeps things formal while introducing himself to the young lady. He reveals his name to his crush, joking at the same time as he wrote, “I know you may be saying ‘what kind of name is that.'” After explaining that his name is Puerto Rican, ‘Pac breaks down his heritage and beginnings before wrapping things up. In the second letter, ‘Pac gets more physical, writing, “I daydream about kissing and caressing your graceful and majestic body.”

The company brought the letter from Averel has placed a price tag of $15,000, for the love letter. Would you pay that much to hold a piece of Tupac??

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