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    Did HOFer Charles Barkley Cross the Line with Michael Jordan?

    NBA HOFer Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan have been extremely close friends for many years up until a decade ago. However, Barkley took some time to reflect and realized he had some regrets regarding his relationship with Jordan. Due to his outspoken nature, Barkley may have cost himself a lifelong relationship.

    On November 21st, Barkley made an appearance on a podcast, Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray, where he revealed his true thoughts on the matter. He admitted he hasn’t spoken to Jordan in almost ten years, according to

    On the podcast, Barkley was asked, “if his outspokenness ever impacted personal relationships?”

    Barkley responded:

    “I think probably, me and Michael [Jordan] were best friends, that’s probably the most prominent thing… Michael Jordan, losing his friend was probably the most prominent thing that’s happened to me. But I was being honest about what I thought. I said, ‘Listen, the toughest thing about Michael, is he’s got to put better people around him.’ Because the toughest thing, when you’re famous, they’re on your private jet, you’re buying all the drinks, you’re buying all the dinners. Very few people are gonna be honest with you. And I try to surround myself with people like, hey, if I’m screwing up, please tell me.”

    “And Michael got offended about something I said about him,” Charles Barkley continued. “We haven’t spoken in probably almost 10 years. And he was my best friend at the time. And I love the dude like a brother and we’re both stubborn and we haven’t talked.”

    Did Barkley Ruin This relationship or is Jordan Overreacting?

    Jordan may feel betrayed by him calling him a bad general manager in front of millions, however, Barkley wasn’t wrong. How do you feel about it, leave a comment below and give me your thoughts!


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