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    Did Biggie Say Jay-Z Was The Better MC???

    Biggie and Jay-Z Are both Hip-hop legends, But did one feel like the other was better?

    Both Biggie and Jay-Z are considered to be Top 5 MC’s of all time. The two will be forever linked due to their affiliation with the growth of hip-hop and their connection to Brooklyn. However, in a competitive industry such as rap, there will always be a debate about who is “The True Goat.”

    Biggie was the more prominent artist of the two when he was alive, with a more proven track record. Conversely, Jay has worked his way to the top of many peoples list with his consistency. Fans will have their opinions and biases, though. The truth is, who is number 1 is subjective to who you are asking.

    One interesting twist to this ongoing debate is, who did the rappers think was the best out of the two of them.

    Jay-z has expressed many times his love and admiration for his fellow Brooklyn native. Biggie is no longer here to give us his opinion of Jay or who he thinks was better.  Biggies former running mate Lil cease say’s he knows what Big thought.

    On an Instagram Live session with @KushedGod, Cease said the Biggie admitted that he thought Jay was better.  Cease is heard telling the live host, “Big was like, Yo that n***a nicer than me.” Lil Cease even goes on to point out that it was a bar from Dead presidents that made Big say that.

    In my opinion, though the who is the best rapper ever, a debate is complete non-sense. Like most “best” debates, it ignores the fact that people value different qualities at different levels.

    {Very unpopular opinion}.

    The best rapper debate is tainted because  Tupac and Biggie were murdered.

    While both of these rappers had great talent and potential, their careers were cut short before they could prove they had staying power. Rap has had a different best rapper throughout almost every decade.

    Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, shit the Fresh prince was the first rapper to win a grammy. None of those rapers are in most people’s top 5 of all time anymore because they couldn’t keep up with the changes in hip-hop. We can assume that Pac and Big would have been able to, and most people do out of respect for the dead. However, the numbers are not in their favor; they, like most other rappers who dominated the charts, would have most likely faded away.

    While Jay-Z may not be my personal favorite of all time, his ability to stay relevant through so many changes in hip-hop is unmatched. Maybe Big saw something is Jay others couldn’t see at the time. Because no one can tell me, the thought the “young guy from the Jaz-o video” would go on to become raps, first billionaire.

    What do you guys think, though? Did Biggie feel Jay-Z was the better rapper? Or is Li cease suffering from Coronavirus related delusion?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments


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