Rising R&B Artist: Devoni Jacob

Devoni Jacob

“After 12” is Devoni Jacob‘s first single off her EP #AWOMS (A Week of Mood Swings.)

Before I go any further, her name is pronounced Dev-Uh-Nee, so get it right. This is a name you will be seeing and hearing a lot from. After 12 is a sultry and tantric song if I might add. Devoni released “After 12” and shortly after dropped another version with a feature from Kur, one of the hottest rappers in Philly. The combination of these two artists on one track is amazing.

Now she’s released a visual for AWOMS. The projected release is for the end of June 2016 a.k.a. next week. I really cannot wait to listen to it in its entirety! So be on the lookout for #AWOMS and stay tuned to SianiLeighPR.com for the latest updates.

Check out the trailer for the emotional roller coaster known as “A Week of Mood Swings” below.


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