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    Desiigner Tells Off Racist Police Officer

    Recently, rapper Desiigner found himself being pulled over by a police officer in Los Angeles. Though, he wasn’t going to allow the officer to talk to him in any kind of way. In fact, Desiigner told off the racist police officer. Take that police brutality.

    Since the 2020, cases of police brutality have plagued our society. Unfortunately, racism in the US continues to exist, even in the wake of the riots behind the wrongful murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, as well as countless others.

    A Racist Officer Pulls Over Desiigner

    It seems like the news often reports on criminal cases involving rap stars. Often times, they are found guilty for a weaponry charge, wanted for murder or even just being pulled over for a simple traffic violation. Though, Desiigner wasn’t going to play the victim in another case of police brutality.

    Recently, officers pulled over the “Panda” rapper in LA. after they caught him driving without a license plate and tinted windows. According to sources, Desiigner exited his car and approached the motor cop. Things escalated when the officer pulled out his gun and his mace, threatening to pepper spray the rapper. The two engage in a shouting match, and eventually, the officer threatens to take away Desiigner’s car.

    However, the rapper calls the officer a “racist b***h.” Though, Desiigner isn’t finished tearing the policeman a new one. The rapper fires back that even if the officer takes his car, he can buy it right back. Clearly, that cop pulled over the wrong rapper that day.

    He Asks Bystanders To Save His Life

    racist officer
    via AceShowbiz

    Despite Desiigner’s whip-smart combats at the cop, the shouting match continued on. Eventually, more officers were called to the scene for backup to help diffuse the situation. Though, right before more reinforcements arrived, Desiigner relied on the support of a bystander to save his life.

    “You know who I am, right? Desiigner. Panda,” the rapper asked the bystander catching the whole altercation on his phone.

    In talking with a rep from TMZ, Desiigner revealed that with the help of bystanders the situation could gain national attention. More importantly, it could further promote the fight against police brutality and systematic racism. We at HypeFresh commend Desiigner for taking a stand against the police.Los Angeles police know not to mess with him.

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