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Dennis Rodman Accused of Stealing from a Hot Yoga Studio

Dennis Rodman might be in trouble over some petty theft.

On Tuesday, the ex-basketball player was seen visiting a popular yoga studio in Newport Beach, California. The studio he, and three other people, visited is known as VIBES Hot Yoga. Employees working that day say Rodman entered the store and immediately began to act unusually. Those there that day recall Rodman and his pals trying to distract employees as one of Rodman’s friends tucked away merchandise in her purse.

At one point, the staff even claim that they tried to purchase a crystal art piece. By that time though, staff were apparently onto their games. Workers say it was all a ploy so that the woman could buy more time to stuff additional clothes away. Reportedly, at the end of their visit to VIBES, they broke the crystal art piece into pieces. It had a value of $2,500.

Since the incident, the owner of the studio has filed a theft report with the police.

The woman allegedly helped the group get away with up to $500 in stolen goods.

Thoughts? After reading this article, how do you feel? Do you think the accusations are real or false? Let us know in the comment section below.

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