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Dennis Rodman Maintains His Innocence in Clothing Theft

Dennis Rodman will not let people slander the Rodman last name.

He is clapping back at the allegations that paint him as a thief. TMZ caught up with the former basketball star outside The Abbey, after he allegedly went on a statewide heist. This week, Rodman and a few of his friends visited VIBES Hot Yoga studio, in¬†Newport Beach, California. However, the staff there say the visit was anything but pleasurable. Staff at the yoga studio say Rodman and his friends cleaned them out of more than $500 worth of merchandise— and not the legal way. In fact, the staff at VIBES claim Rodman and his friends stole the merchandise.

Reportedly, Rodman and two of his friends tried their hand at distracting the employees, while a fourth person tucked away clothing items in her purse. They allegedly even got away with breaking a $2,500 piece of crystal art.

All of this seems ludicrous to Rodman though. Rodman claims he didn’t steal a goddamn thing. The retired basketball star says he and his friends are innocent. When asked about what happened, his version of the story is the complete opposite. Rodman claims the staff offered the clothes as a “thank-you.” Apparently, the staff offered the clothes as a token of their appreciation for Rodman and his pals helping move the heavy crystal piece.

Though there’s no proof of that being the case. Surveillance videos show the group of friends acting suspiciously, rather than good samaritans.

Anyway, VIBES’ owner has filed a police report. If found guilty, Rodman cold face jail time. He’s currently on probation for a 2018 DUI arrest.

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Featured Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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