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    Demon Slayer, Anime Opens in Theaters to mixed results

    Demon Slayer, anime, opens in theaters to mixed results.

    Demon Slayer, TV Show Anime | IMDB

    In rare fashion, aside from mainstream anime like Pokemon or digimon, most anime movies do not get released in movie theaters. Mostly likely, you would see them go straight to video or optioned for digital accessibility. On April 23, Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train premiered in theaters on both 4DX and IMAX screens in North America. The film was subbed and dubbed for wide viewership. Results were mixed. While, many were thrilled upon the release, others felt that the movie did not live up to expectations. 

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    So, What is Demon Slayer about?

    The Demon Slayer TV series was very sucessful for two seasons. 

    Demon Slayer, TV Show Anime | IMDB

    From the earliest of times, many are aware of human-flesh eating monsters, lurking in the darkness. There is also an elite corps of demon hunters, skilled assassins,that primary objective is killing demons.  The main character, Tanjirou decides to go down to the local village to make a little money, selling charcoal. However, When he returns back, his family is slaughtered. The only survivor, his sister Nezuko, is turned into demon. Tanjiro is motivated to become a part of the elite corps, as a demon slayer. He hopes that by doing so, he can avenge his family and cure his sister. 

    The Release Inspired Mixed Results.

    Demon Slayer, TV Show Anime | IMDB

    This movie release  for Demon Slayer is to bridge the gap for season 3. This opportunity to watch in movie theaters is huge. It means more exposure and accessibilty. However, it still inspired mixed feelings among fans of the TV Series.

    And while excitement for the film is definitely there, many fans felt the film didn’t deliver the goods. To these viewers, they thought the quality dropped from what they loved from the TV Series. These people did not like the forced PG rating and felt that the movie was anticlimactic

    Not all fans of the series were left disppointed. Some fans found it emotionally moving. They spoke of Animation and fight scenes that were terrifically done. They praised the soundtrack. Still others are just happy its getting mainstream attention hoping it will open doors to more anime movie theater releases.

    When and Where, will I be able to watch on digital devices?

    If you are still waiting for digital release, you won’t have to wait too long. Demon Slayer is accessible digitally June 22 on Apple TV,  Microsoft Store,  and Vudu.

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