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    Demi Lovato Can’t Hit the Pipe, So New Tattoo It Is!

    Demi Lovato’s new tattoo is a sign that she might be itching to get back to the pipe. Yikes!

    We know, we know, that’s horrible to say, but it might just very well be true. And Demi Lovato, getting tattoos when you’re upset….not a cute thing to do.

    Demi is a recovering drug addict. In July 2018, Demi gave the world a scare, when she overdosed in her Hollywood Hills home. She literally almost died, due to an addiction to a specific opioid addiction. It’s speculated that the drugs found in her system may have been heroin and/or fentanyl.

    Because she’s a recovering addict, Demi has to fight day-to-day to stay clean. It’s no easy task for any addict, just ask an addict. It’s supposedly an addiction that sticks with you throughout your entire life, no matter what you do.

    So it wouldn’t be surprising if Lovato was just getting new ink to supplement her drug addiction. Rather than going down the dark path again, she may be trying to find other ways to occupy her time. It’s a little known fact that Demi has over 15 tattoos. Either she really loves the pain of a needle, or she’s trying to trick herself into believing she ‘s above having another weak moment.

    On Instagram, she shares her inspiration for the tat.

    Me first 🖤 thank you @winterstone for my new forever reminder.. #i🖤me

    E News reports that Lovato got the tattoo as a reminder that you “Can’t love anyone unless you love yourself first.”

    Thoughts? What are your thoughts after reading this story about Demi Lovato’s new tattoo? Let us know, by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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    Featured Image Credit: Hollywood

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