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    Demi Lovato Claps Back at Disrespectful Instagram Fan!

    Demi Lovato may be beautiful… but she ain’t for the bullshit!

    Demi Lovato clapped back at a fan who was talking trash about one of her dedicated team members. A fan page Instagram feed dedicated to her put in a caption:

     “It was completely unfair to fire Dani, she’s one of the few who really cares about Demi’s health and has been helping her for 3 years, she’s surrounded by people who care only about her money and she does not see it.”

    In the same caption, it accused Demi Lovato’s team to be “rotten” and that she doesn’t realize it. Seeing this, the popstar clapped back and set the record straight on the accuser.

    “You have no idea what you’re talking about,” and also stated, “True friends don’t do interviews about you when you OD,” according to screenshots grabbed by @CommentsByCelebs.

    Demi Lovato Claps Back-1

    She also cleared the air about backup dancer Dani Vitale, who formally denied supplying drugs to the former Disney superstar.

    “I have NEVER touched nor even SEEN a drug in my entire life,” Vitale plastered on Instagram this past August, after Lovato’s overdose. “I DO NOT DO DRUGS, nor would I ever encourage, or supply them to anyone I love.”

    Demi has previously cleaned up her act, finishing up rehabilitation to step away from her former bad habits.


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