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    Cardi B To Release Deluxe Edition For “Invasion Of Privacy”

    Cardi B has burst onto the scene of hip-hop as a dominant force.

    The artist has become a distinguished talent in mainstream entertainment with her brand continuing to grow.

    Earlier this year the rapper released her debut album “Invasion Of Privacy”. Instantly the music world received it and made it one of the best albums this year.

    Her success in music is just the tip of the iceberg, with plenty of growth available down the road. The Bodak Yellow rapper has landed deals with Steve Madden, Fashion Nova, and plenty more.

    As the year closes, Cardi is looking to be the voice and face of hip-hop. The rapper has been nominated for four Grammys, which include the categories of Rap Album Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year (I Like), Best Rap Performance (Be Careful).

    It’s amazing, Cardi went from beating bitches up to Grammy nominations.

    With so much success with her debut album, she will release a deluxe edition, which will be available on January 25th. The deluxe edition will have several singles on the project, that will surely provide the ultimate experience.

    One of her new singles entitled “Press”, will also be apart of the album. Many people are expecting her to follow up with a music video for the single which should drop sooner than later.

    Tell us what you think?? Will Cardi B win big at the Grammys?? If so how many Grammys will be she taking home?

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