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    Dee3IRTY Inks Deal With 3G Entertainment & Celebrates With ‘Turn Me Up’ Visual Single

    Atlanta rapper Dee3IRTY, formerly known as Dee30shotss, is preparing to take the music industry by storm.

    Upon making the decision to take music seriously just a few years ago, Dee3IRTY just recently celebrated his new deal, and subsequent $50K advance, with 3G Entertainment, which is already home to rising artists such as Johnny Lugautti and more.

    Following a short bid upstate, Dee3IRTY turned his life around and focused all of his efforts on his passion for music, which he says has always been a constant in his life. “When I came home from prison, people were telling me that my music was hard, so I took a shot at it, but I have always had a thing for music,” he said. “The streets saw talent in me. I always had both: the streets and the music.”


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    Shortly after he and his friends began recording together in a neighborhood studio, Dee3IRTY began delivering a barrage of single releases, including his popular 2020 banger “Real Spill.” The track quickly attracted well over 40,000 Spotify streams along with nearly 50K views on the official music video on YouTube. Maintaining the traction and hype he created organically, Dee3IRTY continued to deliver banger after banger by way of his fan-favorite hits such as “Vibes” and “Family Ties.”

    Earlier this year in July Dee3IRTY reached new heights when he connected with DJ Testarossa and Detroit rap star Sada Baby for their ultra-popular “Drill Muzic” collaboration.

    Since then, Dee3irty has continued to elevate his game and connected in the studio with the likes of artists such as Doodie Lo of Lil Durk’s OTF label and more. He is also currently gearing up to release his highly anticipated “So Far Gone,” collab featuring his 3G labelmate Johnny Lugautti and breakout Generation Now signee Seddy Hendrix.

    Dee3IRTY is currently working on his debut project via 3G Entertainment, which he revealed will dive even deeper into his background while also further establishing his trademark sonic imprint. “My album is the story of my life, I’m trying to bring back the feel-good music. I want to bring my own sound and my own flavor,” he said.

    In anticipation of the release of his upcoming LP, Dee3IRTY offers a taste of what is to come on his latest release “Turn Me Up.” The club-ready hit packs a punch from top to bottom and serves as a prime example of how Dee3IRTY fuses feel-good vibes with his gritty lyricism.

    “Tattoos on her body/She on Miley Cyrus/Party, party, party/She gon’ eat up like it’s bacon/Gang in this bitch/So authentic ain’t no faking,” he raps over the snappy production provided by NEAVE.

    In addition to a cameo from Johnny Lugautti, the YoungLoddie Films-directed visual captures the moment Dee3IRTY received the cash advance for his new deal along with a brand new bust-down chain from 3G Entertainment executive LynnX.

    Watch the full video for “Turn Me Up” below.

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